About Me

About Me


On this site you will find:

  • Gardening insights
  • Nutrition related health tips
  • Gardening related news
  • Insight into the food you eat.

The website began with a desire to be healthier and to reduce or eliminate the medications I take for health issues normally associated with advancing age but often exacerbated by an unhealthy lifestyle or eating habits.

As I explore various natural ways to become healthier it always boils down to two basic truths; our health is the direct result of what we eat and how we move.

Diet and exercise.

Not a new concept.

How we respect our bodies is reflected in the way that our bodies treat us.

As a lifelong gardener, I was pleased to re-affirm through research that fresh fruits and vegetables are the key to maintaining good health. The movement involved with gardening makes it a self-sustaining method for improving your health.

Benefits of Gardening

The physicality of planting and maintaining a garden is but a part of the benefit.

The garden pulls you outdoors where the sun can boost your vitamin D production.

Gardening gets you moving, improving muscle tone and providing a cardio-vascular benefit as well.

The garden is a form of meditation, a way to draw closer to who you really are.  There is something about the connection with the earth that grounds you and feeds energy into your core.

The vegetables and fruit from your garden are under your control, you know what goes into them.

You can eliminate the toxic chemicals from your diet and cleanse your system with pure nutrition.

Your garden draws a diversity of life into your backyard, nourishing the environment and your soul as it provides for your table.

What is it all about?

There is a ton of information about health on the internet.  The trouble is that much of it is unreliable and some is just downright malicious.  You have to be careful when dealing with your health.

I will share the things that I learn and the things that I have learned here.  Sign up for email updates and never miss any of the hints and tricks that I find in my search for the ultimate healthy garden.

Healthy Gardening!!!

Coming soon is a section devoted to woodcarving, another passion, that will include original carvings, instruction on carving and sharpening, as well as in choice of tools, wood,  and related news.

I specialize in carving woodspirit walking sticks but also have interest in relief carving landscapes and carving found wood and driftwood.   Carvings make great garden decorations, adding a natural but whimsical touch.

Sign up here for upcoming woodcarving tips, offers, and news.