March Garden In the Pacific NW

March Garden In the Pacific NW

Winter is finally relaxing its icy hold on our gardens.  The forecast is wet, but warmer.  It is time to prepare your March garden.

Last spring I ended up flying by the seat of my pants regarding the garden.  I paid dearly in lost production and lost opportunity.

The garden last year could have yielded so much more had I been ready to go when the weather was.  Last year there was no March garden for us.

Lesson learned.  It is March and there is much that I can do right now to ensure a successful growing season.

In the March Garden

  • Add New Beds

    Now is the time to add those new garden beds into your garden.  Build and place raised beds and work up new areas as soon as the soil is dry enough to work without compacting.  Cover the soil after conditioning to avoid the heavy spring rains from leaching too many nutrients, keeping the soil drier and warmer in the process.

  • Amend Your Soil

    Remove any weeds from the beds and work in several inches of rotted manure, processed manure, peat moss or compost.  These are good additives for building humus in the soil.  Mulch or cover your beds to avoid.  Check the ph of the soil and add calcium or sulfer as needed.  Again, cover the soil to keep it drier and warmer after conditioning.

  • Plant Seeds in Greenhouse or Indoor

    Start your vegetable seeds now in your greenhouse or under lights indoors now.  Slow-growing and cool season vegetables like Lettuce, peas, beans, corn, tomatoes, peppers onions, leeks, parsley, celery, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and eggplant.will be ready to go when the weather allows.

  •  Direct Planting

    Strawberries, blueberries, currants, loganberries, boysenberries, grapes and fruit trees can be planted this month.  Brussels Sprout, Cauliflower, Celery, Leek, Onions, Radish seeds and early potatoes go into the garden about mid month.  Spinach, Chard, Cabbage, Cauliflower, and other hardy vegetables should be set out late in the month.

  • Care For Existing Plants

    Prune non-stone fruit trees, grapes, and raspberries.  Side dress existing plants with a couple inches of compost or organic fertilizer and mulch.

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Spring is Nigh

Don’t be caught short this year.  Proper garden planning can save you time and effort later in the year, plus ensure that you are ready to go when mother nature is.  Be sure and sign up for our email updates.  A couple of times a month we will send you tips, tricks, and useful links to help you grow more of the food you eat this year.  Coming in the next couple of weeks is a free report about saving time in the garden.

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Let’s make this  our best gardening season yet!

Hi I’m Ron. I am a woodcarver, writer and gardener. I have a wife who has put up with me for nearly 34 years, three wonderful adult sons and three delightful grandchildren.

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