With the weather turning crisp and the days shortening I began to lament the loss of the fresh garden vegetables that grace our plates throughout the spring and summer.  It is time to look into options to provide us with fresh greens while the weather outside becomes “frightening,”  to misquote the classic song, “Let It Snow.”

I ran across the idea, not a new one, that you can grow nutritious salad greens indoors, micro-greens, that are flavor intensive mini versions of the mature plants. The process from planting to harvest takes about fourteen days and can be done anywhere there is moderate to good light.  A good southern exposure window or some grow lights fill the bill.

Growing need

We have a full house here at present, with two of our three adult sons living temporarily here with us, and our three grandchildren as well. We have need for a nutritious, sustainable, and economical way to keep everyone eating healthy.  Growing our own delicious baby veggies seems to cover all of the bases.

The ability to mix and match flavors and the benefits of the concentrated nutrients in each of the plants will make this a go-to method in our quest for health through nutritious eating, and healthy eating through organic gardening.

Control what is in your food

If you research the seed companies you can find sources of good, GMO-free, pesticide and herbicide free, seeds that you can then use in your own mixes.

More on how to grow these mini veggies next time.

Grow healthy.


Hi I’m Ron. I am a woodcarver, writer and gardener. I have a wife who has put up with me for nearly 34 years, three wonderful adult sons and three delightful grandchildren.

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