Superfoods. Are They Really?

Superfoods. Are They Really?

Superfoods; boon or boondoggle

I began this blog as an extension of my search to find better health through a nutritious diet and to share some of the information that I uncover.  Today I want to discuss “superfoods.”

I am an avid and lifelong gardener and the marriage of nutrition and gardening seems such a compatible and healthy match that I settled on the combination as a way to promote a healthy lifestyle.

The term “superfood” crops up repeatedly as I research which plants to grow in my healthy garden. I decided that I should figure out what qualifies a food as a “superfood.”

strawberry superfoods
Many berries are considered in the superfoods category


The first thing that I found is that there are no official lists or official designation for superfoods. The term seems to have originated as a marketing ploy to market some of the products containing nutrient and vitamin-rich foods such as pomegranate and other fruit juices.

Established authorities such as the FDA and many research groups and universities are skeptical of the claims of benefits of “superfoods.” As I read their complaints I see dispute not in the healthful benefits of these foods but in whether or not consuming more of these foods improve health or help cure disease.

Why the Mystery

A stumbling block in the acceptance of these natural “superfood” preventative and curative properties is a lack of “official” research into these benefits.

It doesn’t fill the coffers of Big Pharma to look into methods that might prevent diseases and conditions so profitable to them.  At risk are billions in research money and the sale of drugs to slow or mask the symptoms caused by our lack of these “superfoods” in our diets.

These foods have always been with us.  That we know so little of their properties and nutritional value is rather pathetic, given the advancement of our scientific capabilities over the past half-century.

What’s Next?

I decided that if I was to know the truth about what I should be eating and the true sources of the ailments that I chalk up to aging I would have to find what research is available myself.

superfoods squash
Squash is a food superhero

I will, over the next couple of weeks, look into the wide array of nutritious “superfoods” that you can grow in your garden. What is the best way to know where your food comes from and what is in it?  Grow it yourself.

Get Out and Garden

Between exercise and stress relief from act of gardening, improved nutrition and the control over what goes into your food, you will feel, look and feel better.
Get your garden on.  Grow “superfoods.”

P.S. Although it is well into fall here in the Pacific NW there are many vegetables that can start now to either finish in the cool of the fall or to start now for a harvest in the in late spring. Fresh greens are great until the first frost.

Hi I’m Ron. I am a woodcarver, writer and gardener. I have a wife who has put up with me for nearly 34 years, three wonderful adult sons and three delightful grandchildren.

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